Shroud Puzzle Solver

  • Elfguy
    #1 written by Elfguy  1 year ago

    According to the Wiki, a 4X4 should always have a solution. However, this program keeps giving me “no solution” to 4X4 puzzles.

    Perhaps the solving algorithm needs a bit of work?

    • Walt Snider
      #2 written by Walt Snider 1 year ago

      Has worked fine for years.

  • Gerald Keeney
    #3 written by Gerald Keeney  5 months ago

    I loved your build Toxo (Drow AA ranger). I have character that is a exact, and I love her.

    Now I am working on a Tempest Ranger Drow or maybe Dwarf.
    Can you help and give some ideas you have for an awesome tempest ranger.


    DDO Fan of Toxo


    • Walt Snider
      #4 written by Walt Snider 16 hours ago

      TBH, I’m not much of a melee guy… ranged DPS and support is what I favor. Hope you find something great!

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