Augments and Crystals

Augment Slots

Epic items have augment slots. By adding an crystal to the appropriate augment slot, you can increase the power of your epic items by adding additional properties. The type of epic item determines what color augmentation slot is has, which determines which upgrades can be added to that slot.

  • Weapons = red
  • Armor = blue
  • Accessories = yellow
  • Green slots = blue or yellow
  • Violet slots = red or blue
  • Orange slots = red or yellow
  • Colorless crystals can go into any color augment slot

Purchase your crystals from Misty who looks like she needs a Red Bull next to the Epic Altar.


Catalysts cost 1 epic token or 2,500plat and tell the Epic Altar which open slot you want a crystal to be forged in to.

If you have a crystal that has two compatible augment slots, you use the color catalyst of the slot that the crystal needs to go in during the forging.

Catalysts are required, even if there’s only a single slot in your item.

Here’s an example from Junts:
Lets say you epic a Kundarak Warding Shield. Said shield has a purple slot (takes colorless, blue or red) and a blue slot (takes blue or colorless).

If you want to give the shield Luck +2 (a blue augment), you need to make it clear which of those two slots the affect is going to go into. The catalysts cost 2,500 platinum and tell the altar which augment to put your crystal into.

Violet catalyst + luck 2 augment crystal + shield = luck uses the violet augment slot
Blue catalyst + luck 2 augment crystal + shield = luck uses the blue slot instead.

Colorless Crystals

20 Dungeon Tokens
+6 to a single stat

25 Dungeon and 5 Raid Tokens
+1 exceptional stat

Blue Crystals (Armor)

30 Dungeon Tokens
-15% Arcane Spell Failure
Toughness (20hp, as if from Minos Legens)
Good Luck +2 (as Head of Good Fortune)
Greater Nimbleness (+2 Max DEX, -4 Armor Check Penalty)
Heavy Fortification
+4 Natural Armor

15 Raid Tokens
Upgrade armor or shield from +6 to +7 enhancement

Yellow Crystals (Accessories)

30 Dungeon Tokens
Single Immunity (Blindness, Fear, Poison or Disease)
Feather Falling
Underwater Action
Resistance +4
Protection +4
Greater False Life
Wizardry VI
Spell Focus for a singular (transmutation, evocation, etc.)

Red Crystals (Weapons)

DR-Breaking properties are NOT extra damage! Red crystals are for offensive purposes only.
20 Dungeon Tokens
Adds Single DR-Breaking Property (silver, cold iron, adamantine, byeshk or riedran crystal)

30 Dungeon Tokens
Adds Single DR-Breaking Property (good, evil, lawful or chaotic)

15 Raid Tokens
Weapon/shield upgrades from +6 to +7 (If used in a shield, the shield does not upgrade to +7 AC, it becomes a +7 weapon for purposes of bashing)

Thanks to Krythan for getting the ball rolling and Junts‘s great forums post.

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